( last change 02/10/2001 )

 oracle + unix + cron + perl + ftp + web 
An Oracle performance/tuning Monitor
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This monitor is set up to be a DBA tool, but the same mechanism
could be used as part of any application.

The idea is this:

Lets define some conventions (though arbitrary) to focus on tunning/performance issues.

How much "work" is a database doing?

We will define "work" as how much physical reading and writing is done on the database.

How "efficient" is the database in operation?

We will define "efficient" as how much activity is taking place in memory (cashe hit ratios). Also we can add large full table scans and disk vrs memory sorts.

How "healthy" is the database.

We will define "healthy" as the databases use of physical space, or basically extent allocation factors. Also index "dead" space.