Implementing an Oracle application from the test environment into a production environment requires coordination and cooperation between the application developer and the DBA.


For purposes of this discussion the application (schema) name will be: ABC.

All tables and indexes should be placed in named tablespaces and include appropriate storage clauses. In other words, do not take default tablespace and storage settings. This further implies that thought and consideration is given to organization and growth properties of the database.

In the test environment privileges are necessarily liberal to facilitate the development process. In the production environment privileges are necessarily conservative to insure security and integrity.

Steps and Tasks:


The ABC application is designed. This includes an initial definition of tables, and indexes.


A user ABC will be created in a test environment. ABC will have CONNECT, RESOURCE, and CREATE ROLE privileges. This should allow the developer to create the ABC application.

Upon completion of the

For the following we will assume the application, or schema being developed is named ABC.

Creation of the necessary objects in order are:



 Application Developer
 Instance  Creates or Specifies.  
 Tablespaces  Creates.  Recommends following standard conventions.
 Tables, including storage  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.
 Indexes, including storage  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.
 Constraints  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.
 Triggers  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.
 Procedures and Functions  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.
 Roles  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.
 Users and Passwords  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.
 Grants  Reviews and Runs.  Creates.

Task: User comes to you and wants to Implement an application into production.

Ask for the following: