First of all, I don't know who shot JFK. However, I think a simple inspection of the bullet holes in the president's jacket and shirt, along with the original autopsy diagram, in comparison to the Warren Commission's drawing of the bullet's path make it clear that there was never a serious investigation into the assassination. The back wound appears consistently to be 5"" to 6"" below the neck line, and slightly off to the right. (It is sometimes proposed that the jacket and shirt "rode up", and while this may be possible for the jacket, it would be quite impossible for the dress shirt buttoned at the collar.)

Furthermore, the fact that this obvious and critical discrepancy was never addressed by Huntley-Brinkley, Howard K Smith, Walter Cronkite, or Dan Rather to Earl Warren, Gerald Ford, J Edgar Hoover, or Lyndon Johnson at the time, or afterwards, is indicative that the media lacked the eternal vigilance that is required of responsible men to insure the integrity of democracy.




Gerald Ford, the number two man on the Warren Commission, a congressman who never voted for a civil rights bill, nor against a military appropriation, a congressman who was "duped" into leading a movement to impeach Supreme Court Justice William O Douglass because he had written a book entitled "Points of Rebellion", a man appointed de-facto president by outgoing president Nixon, and pardoner of said president, is notable in his Commission work for, among other things, the following contribution to the Commission's "search" for the truth of the assassination:

In 1988, on the 25th anniversary of the assassination, NOVA and Walter Cronkite did a show which claimed that if the president and the governor were in the following positions, that a single bullet could account for all the wounds, and since it could account for all the wounds, it could not be ruled out. In their recreation, JFK appears to be preparing to tie his shoe, not something that is borne out by the Zapruder film. Note also that the placement of the entry point ignores the physical evidence of the jacket and shirt bullet holes.

In 1993, on the 30 anniversary of the assassination, Failure Analysis Associates created a segment for what Happened?” featured on The Learning Channel. In it they said "There doesn't seem to be a lot of hard scientific looking at what went on". How true. Certainly in their case the physical evidence of the jacket and shirt bullet holes were not taken into consideration.


 The problem the Warren Commission faced was, a back wound, a neck wound, a head wound, all of Connelys wounds, and a complete miss, thus at least 5 bullets. This implies multiple shooters from multiple directions, and obviously the further support and coordination this would entail. Or simply put, a conspiracy.

The Warren Commission saw no evidence of a conspiracy. Notwithstanding: (Among many other things)

Numerous people who testified that upon entering the grassy knoll, they were accosted by men claiming to be with the Secret Service. This is at the least very suspicious.

A man claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald created an incident at a used car lot, and a shooting range days before the assassination, turned out obviously not to be Lee Harvey Oswald. This is suspicious.

A man using the name Lee Harvey Oswald, entered the Cuban Embassy in Mexico weeks before the assassination, and later surveillance photos again showed the man to be obviously not Lee Harvey Oswald. This is suspicious.

Simply put, the Earl Warren's and the Gerald Ford's were not the measure of the task at hand.

Had the American public seen the Zapruder film the weekend of the assassination, it would have been impossible for the Warren Commission's scenario to have been taken a all seriously. Thus the Warren Commission's initial reaction to lock the film up for 75 years can be understood. It was left to Geraldo Rivera, 12 years later, on a week night, after midnight to show the American public the film it had been restricted from seeing.

In my humble opinion the assassinations of the 60's were NOT the work of "one lone nuts", but was a systematic extermination of the liberal conscience of the American body politic. It evolved from the paranoia and secrecy of the 50's, overtly embodied by Joseph McCarthy, and subvertly by the brothers Foster and Allen Dulles who ran the State Department and CIA respectively, while Eisenhower played golf. While thoughts and ideas were attacked at home, nations who did not maximize the interests of American business, even if at the expense of their own people's freedom, were a attacked, subverted,and corrupted.

JFK was hated by J Edgar Hoover and the FBI, Lyndon Johnson, the Mafia, the military-industrial complex, and Southern Senators and Congressmen who chaired and controlled virtually all of the powerful committees of Congress. JFK's death and the subsequential shift of power was a great comfort and convenience to all of these interests. A thorough investigation was in none of their interests. The American public be DAMNED.