Any key ... Here they come!!

Shoot (F1), score 250 ...
(notice Diggers's eye for activation)

Shoot 2 more (500),
Eat 8 Emeralds (8 * 25 = 200)
Plus Bonus (250) = Total 1200
Now get to the Cherries!!

Now you become the hunter!!

Eat Chasers,
Score (200, 400, 800, ...)

Eat under to drop Gold.

Eat Gold, collect 500.

Eat some more Gold,
You are now again the hunted,
To advance to the next screen,
kill all the chasers by
shooting them or dropping Gold on them,
or eating all the Emeralds.

My scores as of 08/07/1999.

Good Luck, and Good Digging!!!